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Samsung Galaxy M20 Bakal Menang Mudah Lawan Redmi Dan Realme

Now we can bid a goodbye to Samsung. A farewell to Samsung when the South Korea giant usually set such an unreasonable pricing to its low-to-mid end smartphones. The era of unreliable specification set in much higher pricing has been over. It’s now the dawn of Samsung setting its mid-end smartphone in an affordable, interesting pricing. All of which is represented in Samsung Galaxy M20. Born in Samsung brand and lineup, Galaxy M20 has already advantage over its potential rivals, be it Redmi Note 7 and Realme 2 Pro and Realme U1 as well.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Infinity Display

It’s because Samsung itself has been a mantra for buying smartphone. Now with its still powerful brand, Galaxy M20 has been helped much in order to compete fiercely against the likes of Redmi Note 7 and Realme 2 Pro and Realme U1 as well. Chances are Samsung Galaxy M20 will be hard to be stopped because of facts mentioned above. Continue reading


Samsung Galaxy M20 Review I haven’t Got My Hands On

Samsung has long been infamous for its overpricing setup. Popular for its Galaxy Series, Samsung has indeed flagship level smartphones having good choosen specification over its pricing. However, the same rule doesn’t apply very well in its mid and low end smartphones. They have set higher pricing, yet left buyers and consumers with less satistyfing and more disappointing specification. It’s therefore considered such a wastefulness buying those mid-to-low end smartphones because of the reason mentioned above. At least before the arrival of Samsung Galaxy M20. That simply buying the branding rather than the product itself will transform to become buying the real smartphone indeed.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Display

Here’s a list you will be convinced Samsung Galaxy M20 will change the way you think of buying a Samsung smartphone. Continue reading

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At the moment, we work on translating any document written in English into their Indonesian counterpart. We don’t discriminate among English variants. We work on U.S. English or U.K. English. In short, any variant of English will be accepted with glad heart. Continue reading

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