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Welcome and thank you for visiting my own blog, run personally by myself.

My name is Arif RakhmanDadot is my nickname. It’s common among my childhood friends and particularly my relatives. TransBlog is my way to shorten the description applied to the blog, namely Translator and Blogger. Translator is what I do and Blogger is what I like.

Currently, I provide translation service in professional manner. Language pair I serve at the present time is English-Indonesian. It means that I welcome any English document to be translated into its Indonesian counterpart. Sometimes, I also give the converse language pair, which is Indonesian-English. However, since English is not my native language and I wasn’t raised in any of English-speaking countries, I am not confident to announce it publicly. Nonetheless, if you urge me to do such, we can arrange it in a private manner 🙂 .

Regarding to my main service, I have many to mention that I am proud of them. Firstly, I have been devoting myself to the profession for more than five years, boasting a getting-better-than-ever capabilities in every aspect of providing the service. During such period of time, the entrustment has varied, including book translationsuser’s manuals for operating mobile phonecompany’s Code of Conduct. For further details of my work you can view my portfolio page. Next, during my work, I have established my own method of translating which is derived from translation-related materials I have read or been taught. Additionally, I am always assisted by CAT tool(s) that Trados 2011 is on top of the list. You’ll find it is elaborated in how I work page.

Subsequently, 3000 is a figure used to represent minimal number of words I can translate them every day. It usually applies when dealing with such technical fields as automotivemechanicalmachines, and likes. However when it comes to general and non-technical fields, the figure is doubled I am confident to deliver. Please review it more clearly daily productivity tab.

Finally, thank you for paying attention to the brief description of my service. If after this you are convinced I am the right person you are seeking, please view my Contact page.

Best regards,

your translator

Arif Rakhman aka Dadot

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