[mod. press release] Supra X 125 FI to put AHM’s cub dominance grip in cement

Latest launching has been on its way. Yesterday, Indonesia’s automotive giant, AHM, kept all bloggers being busy when they rolled out their long-lasting, simple yet attractive Supra X 125, now on fuel-injected engine. It now has a refreshed appearance in comparison to its predecessor, beautified additions, and possibly improved power and torque. Supra X 125 FI is claimed the best in its class, delivering smashing hit to its rivals in the near future to come.

Supra X 125 FI is yet another AHM’s attempt to provide market with all new fuel-injected bikes, keeping their own words to make air fresher and sky cleaner. Supra X 125 FI was developed with latest design in mind, protruding the lean and sporty curves. Sharp, rigid lines were also included to make a bold statement to this legendary bike that has crowded Indonesian roads and been built for around 17 years. PGM-FI Technology added to the latest product of AHM’s stall ensures more efficient fuel consumption yet improved power and torque.

One of AHM executives; Toshiyuki Inuma, expressed his gratefulness that the bike has been the company’s milestone and completed its goals in providing comfort and convenience while riding. He also added that PGM-FI technology has since helped them contribute positively to both environment and community.

The latest Supra boast such prominent features as both disc brake (rear and front), secure key shutter combined with seat opener, and the latest in its own family, socket provided for charging low voltage electric equipment such as mobile phones and helm-attached camera.

Supra X 125 FI will have been available in AHM nearest dealers, retailed at IDR (formerly Rp.) 15,350 millions, applicable to Jakarta greater area. Color assortment is available to select, including Stylish Black, Graceful Red , Fabulous Blue and Luxury White. The Supra, AHM’s aim, is expected to keep good friendship with Indonesian bikers.

courtesy of Motorrio, TMCBlog, and FNCounter