is YIMM your parents or simply your spouse?

You are terribly slapped. But when you realize it is either of your parents that did it, you are wisely encouraged to abort your retaliation. God say parents are everything to us, no matter how disappointing they are to us. But if it’s all about profanation that matters, will you still be having such a wishful patience?

This evening, my fellow blogger stormed the blogosphere with massive gallery containing three bikes launched in Thailand just about. Mas Aripistop has shared pictures of Tricity, R15, and SR500, not in blurred state, but clear, vivid manner. What matters the most to me is R15.

R15,yamaha R15

R15,yamaha R15

 It is another time bikers in Indonesia are let down. They seem to be rejected in many ways. Their voice loudly expressed are ignored. Since its first appearance in India some years ago, the R15 has been desperately asked to get brought to land on Indonesian soil. It fruited no results.

R15,R15 yamaha,yamaha R15

R15,R15 yamaha,yamaha R15

 Now, when a tip of light has been shed through various caught-in-the-act pictures, YIMM has signalized they prefer to put it out with uncertain launch schedule. Last hope seemed to be laid on its sudden appearance on MotoGP live show aired from Losail, Qatar.

R15,yamaha R15

R15,yamaha R15

 Sadly, when euphoria-stricken enthusiasts in Indonesia celebrate the indication, it is otherwise Thailand who is the first to taste the redesigned R15. Now, we, in Indonesia, are disappointment-stricken.

Now back to the opening passage I wrote above. When your parents let you down, putting you at the lowest point of your dignity, you are always obliged to keep being obedient in anyway. However, when you are cheated by your spouse, or simply your lover, I am definitely sure you will immediately leave your own spouse/lover and look for the new one.

Now, how would you consider YIMM with regard to R15 currently launched in Thailand first?


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20 responses to “is YIMM your parents or simply your spouse?”

  1. ipanase says :

    always waiting
    always patient

  2. nanangqh says :

    klo ada mbah darmo mesti langsung di sampluk linggis iki

  3. kalimalang rider says :

    they are stupid japanese :mrgreen:

  4. Kobayogas says :

    Gak pahaaammm… ini rajanya translator hehehehe

    Hal yang patut dicontoh dari sebuah APM

  5. Kobayogas says :

    Definitely as my spouse… leave her, find the good manner one 😀

    Hal yang patut dicontoh dari sebuah APM

  6. ridwan says :

    Masbro, sebaiknya jangan gunakan bahasa inggris, tulis bahasa indonesia saja, kalau ada yang ngerti bahasa inggris bisa kena bully karena banyak yang masih kurang bagus… hehehe

  7. Sigit says :

    yimm is over confident that R15 already have their loyal buyer…

    #diralat yo nek salah inggrise :mrgreen:

  8. Mas Wiro says :

    Duduk salah iku Yamaha menerbitkan pertama di India atau di Thailand. Yang salah orang Indonesia yang keburu pingin

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