The saddest moment in your life

You admire it the most. And, when you realize the fact, you never regret. You always consider it the best among any other manufacturers existing in the country. You have become a loyal fan of the manufacturer being symbolized by 19th letter of alphabet. :mrgreen:


In return, however, the manufacturer you always adore never satisfies you. If any you are, it rarely happens. Being loyalty-stricken fan, slightly more than a bit are given to you. When it is time to upgrade current bikes to the fuel injected engine planted ones, yours only offer the less decent bikes with carburettor powered engine. Nonetheless, you know that its bike powered by carburettor is the most powerful underbone, leading to FU assigned to the bike referred to as Fast Underbone. Not your type, though.


Now, the saddest momen in your life comes this way. You have been desperately waiting for the refreshment, the upgrading, to the more decent bikes, just like in neighboring countries such as those in ASEAN region, but no fruits resulted. So, you are forced to buy the current model, taking Hayate for example. The recent Hayate is still left behind by its competitors with fuel injected engine implanted. Rather, it is still powered with carburettor. You decide to choose it because you like gearless bike, the automatic scooter. Surprisingly, the manufacturer you trust the most seems to betray you when it eventually launches the more decent, fuel injected engine implanted scooter, only within a week after your purchase.

Would you be devastated? Or considering to remove your loyalty and divert it to other manufacturers, which means you stain your own idealism?

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10 thoughts on “The saddest moment in your life

      1. Sigit

        no no no..
        just for peace in mind when i’m riding through the village..
        not sure if there’s any mechanic at the village can handle injection..

        #mumet sing nulis..

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