why can’t you move on, AHM?

Through Reader tab on WordPress interface, I came to know that Vario 110 with fuel injected engine is being manufactured. It is mas Iwanbanaran who leaked the pictures with unmentioned location. Those pictures detail the look of Vario 110 FI from front view and rear-right view.

The post also includes diagrammatic picture detailing LED placement on the scooter which is said the latest in its class.

Vario 110, diagrammatic positioning of LED

Vario 110, diagrammatic positioning of LED

I am not sort of Vario fan, neither am I waiting for it desperately. Rather, I am simply disappoint looking at the expectant bike. It, again, carries futuristic yet boring design. Yes, it derives similiar one to Vario 125’s and Beat FI’s. Look at its speedometer housing for example. The upper part is edgy, possibly borrowing Beat FI’s. Now, turn to its rear stoplamp and you feel deja vu mistaking it with Vario 125’s. When facts are so enormous about derived design, we can put AHM in question such as why is Sunter-based manufacturer unable to move on from this breadwinning but boredom making design?

Why can’t they instead take LEAD or derive its design to make Spacy successor?

If they name themselves as customer-understanding company, they should establish varied lineups, instead of the current one which leaves only Scoopy alone, when almost remaining types share similar design. If they ignore this indication, it may be harmful for them that boredom facing costumers will drive them to possible look to other options providing broader options to select.

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28 thoughts on “why can’t you move on, AHM?

      1. ginanjar

        mestinya bikin varian baru matic sport seperti minerva GTR… kalau AHM berani masarin, kemungkinan bakalan membuka mindset baru.

        Ada kemungkinan laku, ada kemungkinan bernasib seperti CS-1

  1. mpaja

    kalo aja saya ngerti artinya secara detail, saya mau tanya, mobe ON dari sudut pandang mana…?
    minoritas atau mayoritas ????

  2. matius


    by the way…..this is my first comment in full english…..

    ahm designer now in a complicated situation…..should i remind you my “cees” design???…..back then, that design is waaaayyyy far ahead than any other competitor….and the riding position is great too….and dont ask about the engine, because it can smoke some slow bike like r6 and 600rr….

    but what happend to legendary “cees”??? well, you know…..and i think since then, those ahm pricipal wont accept any “revolutionary” design…..

    crazy isnt it????


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