What a day for Manchester United and Manchester City as well

Today must have been very different for both of them, including their respective supporters. After final whistle was blown, one team has been very happy, the other one is dwelling on sorrow.

Manchester United is now back on earth again after their two consecutive wins against Olympiakos and West Ham United respectively. It is Manchester City the current team that has just stopped the euphoria Manchester United fans have begun enjoying.

Old Trafford didn’t seem to provide much obstacle to Emirate Stadium based Manchester City. Rather, they enjoyed so much as it were their home match. Manchester City opened their goal frenzy when Edin Dzeko scored the goal in early time. Dzeko continued to make David de Gea shameful when he scored his second goal.

Manchester United didn’t wave a white flag as David Moyes’s boys were very determined to seize every single space from their neighbor. either ineffective attack or simply tightened defence launched by Manuel Pellegrini’s Manchester City, the attempt fruited no goals to equalize.

 Looking forward to desperately equalizing, Manchester United unfortunately has lost to another goal when Yaya Toure made his goal, disallowing de Gea to tip it off. When the matches was aging, the goal literally ended Manchester United’s attempt to revive their campaign to defend their tittle.

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