Visordown has just revealed latest R25’s image; what about us now in Indonesia?

Yamaha R25 has been desperately much awaited, resulting in vain. So long waiting that made such automotive website as Visordown dubbed Yamaha playing its best opera soap, yet begged it to stop keeping teasing. Now when Young Machine has published another R25’s rendered image, the UK-based website has since enjoyed so much fun.

R25 diterbitkan young machine

R25 diterbitkan young machine

However, considering what has been currently going on in Indonesia regarding the bike, they should feel a step behind when they are willing to look to. It is because when Young Image’s R25 has been decayed, Indonesian bloggers are now enjoying yet another leaked image of the same bike, the fresh ones. And please note that following images are not photoshop’s works ๐Ÿ˜†

First picture, from left to right, is extracted from TMCblog, one prominent Buitenzorg-based blogger. the second one, displaying image being spied from a car boasts tough-looking left side of the same bike, is leaked by Irfan Pertamax7, an emerging blogger that comes to rise from a mountainous area of Wonogiri, Central Java ๐Ÿ˜€ ย The far right image can be found in mas Iwan Banaran’s blog.

Expect more leaked images of most anticipated R25 from any of three bloggers.

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