All The Classical Car Mirip Satu Sama Lain?

I was originally not knowing about Fiat 500. Only when the Italian manufacturer launched the plan to establish itself in Indonesia, I have then become aware of its existence. Soon after I am able to spot the car, I immediately related it to another iconic classical car which is perhaps of same bracket of time. The latter product to compare is MINI.

Kita semua terbiasa mengenal MINI karena serial Mr. Bean yang tidak pernah bicara itu. Dalam serial tersebut, kendaraan sehari-hari Mr. Bean memang adalah sebuah mobil MINI. Dibandingkan dengan Fiat 500, keduanya hampir tidak dapat dibedakan. Jadi, wajar adanya jika orang awam tidak dapat membedakan keduanya.

Perhaps the template has set itself for cars at the time of both cars going to production. All should have round headlamp with small grille and tiny tyre. Additionally, tha cabin should be set low enough as if the driver would be squished. Looking odd enough, but at present time they are proven to be very distinguish to gain popular acceptance.

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