Fiat 500; Mobil Mini Harga Maksi, Twice Medium MPV

Senang rasanya Fiat 500 membiarkan dirinya dipilih untuk ditulis dalam tulisan bersejarah ini. Karena tak ada cara lebih mudah untuk mengenang tonggak sejarah kecuali dengan sesuatu yang mudah diingat, dan Fiat 500 melakukannya dengan baik.

Fiat 500 is a city car that went to production for the first time in 1957. However, Fiat 500 sadly found itself to have discontinuation after 18 years serving on roads in 1975. During the period of 18 years, Fiat 500 has provided solution for those seeking compact, agile vehicle in city roads with astonishing fuel consumption.

Dan, memperingati 50 tahun produksi Fiat 500, New Fiat 500 dihadirkan dengan tampilan yang benar-benar baru, kali ini dengan tenaga dan torsi yang tak pernah terbayangkan ada pada edisi pendahulu.

New Fiat 500 sports 1.4 L engine with power and torque of 100 HP and 131 Nm, respectively. The high amount of both are achieved 6500 RPM and 4000 RPM. And, if you are not genealogical fans of Fiat, you better stay away from thinking to buy the car as the price tag may send you to shock. Fiat 500 in standard version is priced starting from 365 millions, a bunch of which will let you away.

Other added-on Fiat 500 is also available, including Fiat 500 sport and Fiat 500C which is a cabriolet version.


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