New Fiat 500 Yang Nyeleneh, Out Of The Box

Fiat 500 disebutkan memiliki enam varian yang semuanya itu punya kubikasi yang sama, 500 cc; yang dari situ namanya diperoleh. Fiat 500 sendiri sebenarnya telah dihentikan produksinya di tahun 1975.

However, when it comes to golden anniversary, nobody is able to resist the temptation it creates. Fiat 500 is no exception. Thus, Fiat launched an initiative to roll out all-new Fiat 500 in commemorating 50 years of Fiat 500 production. As a result, New Fiat 500 comes to surface for the first time in 2007. Looking back to all of its predecessors, new Fiat 500 will never sport 479cc engine displacement. Instead, much more powerful 1400 cc engine is installed on its cute body, although two other options are also available, 1.3 L MultiJet diesel and 0.9 L (875 cc) TwinAir, respectively.

sumber: wikipedia

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