Fame And Tame on AHM-MPM-Jatimotoblog Blogger Fun Touring To Papuma Beach In Jember

Pantura has once decorated my riding portfolio, but when another invitation came to taste it in a different way, it would have been for sure a big loss for me had I turned it down.

Surprising Invitation and Preparation

Quite lucky as I had been when AHM together with MPM as sole Honda motorcycle distributor of East Java and East Nusa Tenggara regions asked us to join their event back in Saturday last week. While their aim was to prove the merit of their motorcycle lineups coming now in Injection version, we found a common ground the both of us would have shared value of promoting East Java tourism objects as we had planned to go to Papuma beach located outskirt of Jember on wavy South Indian Ocean.



There were 12 riders from Jatimotoblog and all of us were asked to gather at MPM Plant in Sedati, Sidoarjo for being presented with instructions and suggestions regarding the event and the trip. After 1-hour technical meeting and dressing up like a robot with all safety equipment and gears put on, we were all now prepared to tackle the real-life traffic, instead of closed-environment roads. 12 motorcycles has been prepared, all from Honda’s latest offering in injection version, ranging from Beat FI (2 units), Vario 125 (1 unit), Revo Fit (1 unit), Supra 125 (2 units), Verza 150 CW (2 units), CB150SF (2 units), and motorcycle of the day, the all new Honda CBR150 (2 units).

Escaping Sidoarjo Traffics


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9 responses to “Fame And Tame on AHM-MPM-Jatimotoblog Blogger Fun Touring To Papuma Beach In Jember”

  1. wongserut says :

    tak translate e sikk

  2. andhi_125 says :

    moco paling suwe yo artikel iki, ndadak translate disik :mrgreen:

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