Brief Review Of Suzuki Inazuma Made In New Zealand

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Suzuki Inazuma has also been sold in kiwi island, New Zealand, Suzuki Inazuma, being considered as “new kid on the block”, has been given brief review in kiwi island by Kevin from YouTube channel BikeRiderTV. Kevin starts his brief review by mentioning Suzuki Inazuma being positioned for those wanting learner bike in illegal manner (illegally learner bike) along with its engine specification. In New Zealand, the kiwi island, Suzuki Inazuma has been positioned slightly differently in compared to other quarter litre motorcyles that previously exist already.


Suzuki Inazuma has been design with engine having more torque which makes it more suitable for cruising urban roads that have stop-and-go character. Suzuki Inazuma boasts, according to Kevin, comfortable seat which provide comfort equally to rider and the pillion, ensuring riding of the two never been compromised. Kevin stresses Suzuki Inazuma measurement which is unlike any other quarter litre bikes. Suzuki Inazuma looks much bigger, weighing up to 180 kg, making it physically have distinct appearance similar to 600 cc engine displacement motorbikes 😆 The resemblance become even more when a twin of mufflers is added on both right and left side of the bike.

Therefore, according to Kevin, Suzuki Inazuma is frequently considered deriving design from Suzuki Bandit which in fact it derives its design from Suzuki B-King. Kevin strongly suggests Suzuki Inazuma to be adopted by those kiwis wanting to move away from scooter or moped segment. Priced at around $ 4.699 along with its on the road fees, Suzuki Inazuma is highly recommended for bigger kiwis. Because in addition to suiting their physical posture, it has worthed value for money. Kevin strongly suggests Suzuki Inazuma for daily commuting with emphasis on three major advantages below belonging to Suzuki Inazuma:

  1. Perfect build quality
  2. Reliable, tough
  3. Affordable