Why Is Suzuki Inazuma Rarely Found On YouTube?

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Rarity does not necessarily nonexistence, absence. However, this is not ‘Langka’ derived from Banyumasan “ngapak-ngapak” which indeed means inexistence, run out :mrgreen: That is what happens when we type Suzuki Inazuma on YouTube. Frustrated as we are, this phenomenon may lead to suspicion making us to promptly investigate it, despite of having no intention to buy a single unit. Why does it happen frequently?


Clearly, there is no explanation precisely provided from Google because they have not been so far releasing complete statistics about searching on YouTube. One thing for sure now is we can simply make assumption in frequent manner. Considering the fact that Suzuki Inazuma is entering such a heavy-weight class in which so many motorbikes competes, we may end eventually concluding that Suzuki Inazuma has been less popular, thereby making it outnumbered. Those motorbikes are more attractive and captivating rather than having to buy Suzuki Inazuma. Suzuki Inazuma pricing then makes it worse, even in European market it enters, leading to much higher reluctance for turning to Suzuki Inazuma, making it sadly have less review on YouTube.


The rarity is probably worsened also by real-life cause. Having been rarely on the streets, Suzuki Inazuma then has only less popularity in return. The fact then leads to fewer traffics driven to YouTube looking for Suzuki Inazuma. People rarely seeing Suzuki Inazuma on streets may not be encouraged to look it further on YouTube, the dilemma Suzuki has to face regarding one of its current flagships.

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