Suzuki Inazuma Brings ArDa On First Page Of Google Search Engine Results

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The dilligent writing of Suzuki Inazuma on ArDa results in fruitful success. When typing Suzuki Inazuma on YouTube on Google search engine, ArDa blog is in fact among those results ranked on first page. The addition of YouTube is not without reason. It is because, in addition to the unit yet to own and nobody is willing to lend it to me, access YouTube has become the only one source of information to enable me to write about Suzuki Inazuma.


But, why Suzuki Inazuma? Aren’t there so many other bikes which look more interesting and intriguing to write about? Here is where philosophy of blue and red oceans applies. As one of newbie blogs that much less renowned, competing against those gigantic bloggers within red ocean seems to be impossible. This is where philosophy applied by Susi Pudjiastuti when establishing her airline, Susi Air, is adopted. Susi Air is no way competing against those major airlines, including Garuda, Air Asia, Lion Air, and likes. Consequently, Susi Air chose to serve remote areas by operating smaller airplanes. As a result, Susi Air has been renowned singlehandedly without being interfered with major airlines. The adequate term may be probably on their own paths. Similarly, by consistently writing about Suzuki Inazuma, I enjoy high expose on first page of Google search engine results in blue ocean without being disturbed by those gigantic bloggers 😆


Just type the keywords Suzuki Inazuma on YouTube on Google search engine if you want to prove it 😉