Suzuki Inazuma Is Terminated Earlier In India

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Due to its low performance on sales in India, Suzuki Inazuma has been decided to be terminated earlier in Indian soil. The news, which is aired within this week, seems to be surprising, but may actually not considering the low popularity it gained when being sold in India. Suzuki Inazuma has been proved in India it can’t well compete against any other quarter litrers including CBR250R and Ninja 300.


The catastrophic situation doesn’t seem to get resolved albeit discount has been applied, from around 61 millions Rupiah to 41 Millions Rupiah. It is because consumers prefer Honda CBR 250R or Kawasaki Ninja 300 to Suzuki Inazuma itself.


Suzuki Inazuma will be officially terminated its sales in India in March 2015. Meanwhile, neither confirmation nor clarification has been made regarding the successor of Suzuki Inazuma.

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