SEO Does Exist Or Simply A Myth?

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For those practicing on blogging, normally known as blogger, bringing their blog to the first podium, errr…, I mean, to top list of Google search engine results is a must. However, Google doesn’t index our local neighborhood, our larger local neighboorhood, and even our country. Google does index all results from around the world. Therefore, while it is quite hard to compete against our fellow blogger locally, the situation becomes harder to handle when being exposed to global competition against coming-from-nowhere unknown bloggers. Any special tips/tricks to use?


Soon after that, then, SEO has been gradually prevalent. Search Engine Optimization, as the SEO stands for, is said to be quick way of getting top position listed on first page of Google search engine results. SEO is said to be offered in forms of scripts, widgets, or even softwares, CMIIW. SEO turns out to therefore seem horrible to use for beginner blogger because of the complexity it offers. The real question is does SEO really exist?


My writings about Suzuki Inazuma makes me stuck on my own confusion about SEO existence. If you type keywords “Suzuki Inazuma on YouTube” on Google search engine, blog ArDa is listed on first page of Google search engine results. Furthermore, I don’t apply anything with regard to SEO on blog ArDa.


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4 responses to “SEO Does Exist Or Simply A Myth?”

  1. potretbikers says :

    Nyimak suhu 😉


    IMO Padi , ponsel cocok untuk hadiah orang tua!! –

  2. GandemLover says :

    SEO antara ada dan tiada… amazing juga bisa nampil di first rank dengan kata kunci terntentu :mrgreen:

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