BBM Yet To Fix On Windows Phone, Lumia 535 Suffers From Bug Issue, Still Challenged To Have A Lumia?

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Windows Phone is a relatively new mobile operating system which is released at the latest. Manufactured particularly keep the balance of competition among established Android and getting more popular iOS, Windows Phone would presumably be able to catch with the two giants. Windows Phone would have charming offer to attract both new and existing customers. It would become heightened considering Microsoft backing up the operating system. However, further than close enough, things have been turning out sadly as Windows Phone only recorded slightly narrow market share falling into one digit point something.


Fewest number of applications found on Windows Phone store leads the operating system remain far behind. Currently, those applications already present on Windows Phone Store perform in fact far from better than those in Play Store and App Store. Most notably, it is BBM that since its initial rolling out on Windows Phone Store until most recently remains on beta version :mrgreen: Things become worsened when Lumia 535 which is considered to mark the revival of Windows Phone suffers from bug issue in serious manner not long after its release.

lumiagifNow, are you still challenged to have a single piece of any Lumia?

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3 thoughts on “BBM Yet To Fix On Windows Phone, Lumia 535 Suffers From Bug Issue, Still Challenged To Have A Lumia?

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