Lumia 535 Suffers From Serious Bug Of Lacking Touchscreen Sensitivity

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Lumia 535 has been released in order to support Microsoft in competition against other established competitors in low end segment. Lumia 535 has been positioned with interesting pricing yet equipped with fascinating features. Features equipped on Lumia 535 include the latest Windows Phone 8.1 with most recent update of Denim. Lumia 535 is also equipped with front-facing camera of 5 MP. Unfortunately, far from within one month after its launch, Lumia 535 in fact suffers from issues. Production defect?


Lumia 535 has been reported to suffer from major issue. The issue concerns with touchsreen sensitivity. Lumia 535 touchscreen is not that sensitive to process gesture given by user on it. As a result, Lumia 535 touchscreen feels laggy as Android devices lacking RAM. Surely it is very disappoint to the users. Microsoft itself has recognized the issue and is said working on the update to roll it out for fixing the bug issue.


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