Latest Automotive News: Suzuki Address Spotted Showing-off In Great Britain

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  • Suzuki Address Great Britain Debut

  • Imported From Tambun-based Suzuki Plant

Suzuki Address showing on Suzuki Great Britain website

Suzuki Address showing on Suzuki Great Britain website – It is been somewhere in 2015 and Suzuki Address will be making its debut in European soil just in time very soon. Spotted on Suzuki Great Britain website, Suzuki Address has been listed as one of the scooter models sold in United Kingdom and probably its vicinity. The appearance certainly confirms announcement made by Suzuki Indonesia in the end of last year that their Tambun Plant will be hosting Suzuki Address manufacturing to be sold in Europe and also in Australia and Japan as well.

SuzukiAddressWhiteSuzuki Address made its first appearance in biennial event in Cologne, INTERMOT. Soon after that Suzuki Indonesia has confirmed that the 110 cc scooter will have been selling in Indonesia and exported to more developed markets, including Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Despite being manufactured in the same plant in Tambun, notable difference exists between the two model being exported to those developed markets and for Indonesian domestic market, including separate winkers and a few sensors being excluded for Indonesian version.

Suzuki Address hitam

Indonesian version for Suzuki Address

Suzuki Address is price tagged around 14 millions Indonesian Rupiahs while model to be sold in Great Britain is yet to disclose its pricing, marked by empty RRP standing for Recommended Retail Price.

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