Latest Indonesia Automotive News: Yamaha Indonesia Reveals NMax Picture In Mega Gallery

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  • Yamaha NMax Displayed in Gallery

  • Looks Stunning in Matte Grey color

Yamaha NMax front right small, courtesy of

Yamaha NMax front right small, courtesy of – Nmax will become Yamaha’s fourth two-wheel vehicle that brings environment-friendly technology Blue Core which is highly efficient, following Nozza Grande (Vietnam bound), Grand Filano (Thailand) and Mio M3 (Indonesia bound). Blue Core-implanted Yamaha Nmax is said to be locally manufactured in Indonesia for supplying domestic demand, but also sell globally to certain countries. By deciding Indonesia to become base for Nmax manufacturing, Yamaha benefits from lowered production costs, thus leading to Yamaha Nmax pricing become highly competitive in comparison to that of Honda PCX 150 which is considered equal in term of engine displacement.

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 Including appropriately meaty tires enclosing 13-inch wheels and disc brake on both wheels as well as Anti-lock Braking System, a feature that any locally-manufactured scooter lack of it, and luxurious look resembling European style, Yamaha Nmax will surely become premium scooter in affordable price range and good choice for those demanding less fatigue on both their hand and feet during riding.

pics courtesy of 7Leopold7