Latest Indonesia Automotive News: Yamaha did it again! game changer bike is presented carrying effect occurred almost eight years ago with Yamaha Vixion

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Yamaha NMax full right side, courtesy of

Yamaha NMax full right side, courtesy of – After gradually ousted from the throne of scooter segment in Indonesia, Yamaha has been making all attempts it can be doing in order to regain the crown. While its YMJet-FI didn’t seem to be successfully working with Mio series in term of sales figures, the Pulogadung-based manufacturer chose to resort to all-new scooter. This is probably the reason why Yamaha NMax is then made coming to surface, leading to audience left stunned during internal event of nation-wide dealer gathering last week.

Yamaha NMax front right small, courtesy of

Yamaha NMax front right small, courtesy of

This is the first 150 cc big scooter that is locally manufactured with no other big scooter like it previously. Currently, scooters manufactured in Indonesia are of both small size and tiny displacement with Vario 150 becoming the biggest scooter in term of engine displacement and small body though. Surprisingly, Yamaha Nmax is also equipped with ABS that its potential close competitor, Honda’s PCX 150 lacks of it, leaving it look overpriced and undervalued. Honda’s PCX 150 then becomes even more overpriced and undervalued when rumor has it that Yamaha NMax will be set at under 30 millions Rupiah price tag since Vietnam-imported scooter is currently sold at 38 millions Rupiah.

Yamaha Nmax front, courtesy of

Yamaha Nmax front, courtesy of

The effect Yamaha NMax is carrying now is much the same with one occurred when then-Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia had launched all-new Yamaha Vixion back in 2007. Situation, at that time, had been completed changed and absolutely redefined since the previous one must have been Honda’s Tiger 2000 and another Honda’s Mega Pro in dual-shockbreaker and carburetor-powered. What had happened almost eight years ago with Yamaha Vixion will be likely happening another time with Yamaha NMax. Just wait and see and remain relax, folks.

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