Latest Indonesia Automotive News: Yamaha Kills Two Birds Using Only One Single NMax

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  • Yamaha NMax Priced Under IDR 30 Mio.

  • Affecting Rival’s Two Products At Once

Yamaha NMax front right small, courtesy of

Yamaha NMax front right small, courtesy of – We, Indonesians, should be familiarizing ourselves with proverb saying “sekali mendayung dua-tiga pulau terlampaui“. The proverb implies that it’d better for us to do an action or activity that solves not only one issue, but also some of similar ones. Westerners do know about the same proverb: Killing Two Birds With One Stone. The latter proverb now applies to newly revealed Yamaha NMax in automatic scooter segment. How come?

Yamaha Nmax front, courtesy of

Yamaha Nmax front, courtesy of

Previously spread as rumor, Yamaha NMax pricing has been officially confirmed it will be priced under 30 millions Rupiah for ABS version. The non-ABS one is even cheaper, simply slightly more than 25 millions Rupiah. This is very interesting compared to its look, performance, and features it has. Since Honda’s PCX150 has been completely knocked off and gone down in term of pricing, another one-wing brand’s product is surprisingly affected as well. It is Vario 150 that has just been launched earlier in this month whose the glamour during the launch has been wiped off by NMax revelation. Priced at 20 millions Rupiah for exclusive version, Vario 150 is surely no good choice when Yamaha NMax is ready there, teasing the potential buyer with all features it has and pricing gap being so narrow. Simply add a few more millions you will have a European-style scooter that is suitable both for city riding and touring. We will see in a next couple weeks.

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