Congratulations! Motuba Has Finally Outnumbered Jatimotoblog – There is no intentional goal to make this head-to-head comparison between Motuba and Jatimotoblog. Both groups are respected in their own way and nobody disagrees with it. My point now writing down about these of famous and popular groups I have known in Facebook is that Jatimotoblog, quite long known as most active group I ever joined in WhatsApp-based instant messenger platform, is facing a tight competition given by Motuba, an old automobiles fans established by one of prominent blogger, Bonsaibiker, that is currently nicknamed Akikbiker, after his immediate interest in gemstones.

notifikasi grup whatsapp motuba, photo credit: mas fauziah di facebook

notifikasi grup whatsapp motuba, photo credit: mas fauziah di facebook

During the heightened popularity of WhatsApp as a result of ousting BlackBerry Messenger to become most popular instant messenger, Jatimotoblog has also tasted the versatility of the application built by duo Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Soon, WhatsApp was easily adopted by many of Jatimotoblog members at that time, leaving a few portion remaining loyal to then-dying BlackBerry devices and handsets. The feud, then, rose between those using Android-powered devices and BlackBerry users. The discussion was so tense sometimes you wanted to break a tear due to literally intensified conversations.

However, pendulum seemed to swing to the other extreme when the remaining BlackBerry die hard fans have found the right way to get online. They have since adopted Android-enabled devices to join them having previously engaged in Android handsets. The conversation itself have since gradually mitigated, leaving the group looking like highways during Lebaran days.

Moment of nostalgia seems to have been resurrected when the group managed by mbah Akikbiker rises to its popularity with the same cause having been observed in Jatimotoblog WhatsApp Group a couple of months ago. I myself have never joined the conversation in the group but as fas as I notice, the intensity is even higher than that of once Jatimotoblog ever had.

WhatsApp double ticks turning blue, courtesy of

WhatsApp double ticks turning blue, courtesy of

Another hint of how busy the group is a rather sound like complaint that he admits his old fashioned Nokia E63 has been badly suffering from fast drain during attending the group. Now, he has to get his mobile phone recharged three times a day with a confidence that if the situation happens to a Blackberry device with similar age, it would be hanging or freezing.


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