Otomasi Has Finally Enabled Me To Experience Myself Windows Phone 8.1 On Lumia 625

arifdadot.com – The greatest name Nokia once ever had may not be easily removed nowadays. Despite the fact that the Finnish name is quite getting laggy with the adoption of Windows Phone, Nokia remains having clear charisma with the issuance of Lumia line-up. Build quality that beyond most people expect and patented design are among factors that still attractive to some portions of gadget fans.

Nokia Lumia 625 from Otomasi

Nokia Lumia 625 from Otomasi

Although not as popular as Android and iOS in term of mobile OS adoption, Windows Phone remains providing curiosity to those having been stuck with the two formers. And it’s only by the end of last March I had the chance to feel myself the Nokia Lumia 625 in used condition, offered by Otomasi. With absolutely fascinating pricing that turns to be too remarkably good to turn down, it is without further thinking to seal it in a great DEAL at around US$ 68 only, including delivery fee (US$1 = IDR 12000).

Albeit the fact that Windows Phone Store remains lacking behind Play Store and App Store in term of new additions, it is in fact doesnt bother me at all in adapting to this brand new mobile phone OS. Indeed, coming to this point, the needs vary according to different people and I have found myself the necessities of mine have been met by owning this Nokia Lumia 625. The battery packed on Nokia Lumia 625, measured at 2000 mAh is able to power the handset throughout the day (+/- 12 hours, depending on the usage pattern). This fascinating fact was not found before on my previous Android handset. The fact is even more stunning since the fact that I join in both WhatsApp and Telegram groups being inssanely active all the day.

Nokia Lumia 625 from Otomasi

Nokia Lumia 625 from Otomasi

Packed with 5 MP rear facing camera, Nokia Lumia 625 is surely ready to take pictures and produce HD video recording in vivid results I dont find it on my current Android mobile phone. The face-to-face conversation is even improved since VGA camera is made available front facing, enabling Skype experience to be more fun. Blogging activity will also be enhanced since I am enabled to write any immediate event right away from this Nokia Lumia 625 with the help of camera related applications, including Lumia Camera and One Shot. Currently running on Windows Phone 8.1 Denim update, Nokia Lumia 625 are among Lumias that is guaranteed to get upgrade to Windows 10, a unified Windows to provide same experience to both PC and mobile phone users equally.

Nokia Lumia 625 from Otomasi

Nokia Lumia 625 from Otomasi

Currently, Nokia Lumia 625 is given yellow flipcase from Nillkin as the optional accessory. The flipcase is evident protecting Nokia Lumia 625 in very appropriate way that avoid it from damage or dent. Its plastic back part enhance the protection that assures me that my Nokia Lumia 625 is indeed well-protected.

About Otomasi:

Otomasi is an online store that offers various items for both professionals and hobbyist. Otomasi also supports to provide different equipment for those keen in adventures or adrenalin pumping. In addition to offering quality electronic products online, Otomasi has also physical store, having registered in Fatmawati are. Visit Otomasi website in order to access more products and informations that may concern you.

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