Mysterious Speedometer Leaked Amid Intense Race To Release New Product

In the time which competition becomes more heightened than ever, timing is very crucial. You can expect to beat your enemy if you target them precisely. Within the circumstance of automotive matters that dynamically changes, the suggestion has nothing but same words to apply to. Once you miss the chance or simply miscalculate, you may loose massive benefit you would otherwise have earned it. One has picture has emerged to hint itself that it is part of great bike, showing very dynamic instrumentation that is just unlike speedometers any common bikes have.

mysterious speedometer

mysterious speedometer

It is blue backlighted with an array of numbers extending to the right side along with the curvaceous line. The indications shown there are only for the RPM meter, distance already taken, fuelmeter, and of course the speed. There is a blurred character looking like as we may presume double RR, which means very great in the realm of automotive industry. RR always implies the speed that any bikes given this double letter will have great performance.

Those who eager in disclosing secret behind unnamed picture will be much interested in this picture. But more significant role should be given to those occupied with old bikes. The latter group may argue that the speedometer belongs to Suzuki-owned FXR150R, a 150cc motorcycle that have once been marketed in Indonesia during the beginning of the new millennium. Let’s all cross our fingers that the mysterious speedometer is really a brandnew part for the all-new 150cc sport faired bike to be launched by Suzuki as one of the most anticipated bikes within this year. Expect launch to happen later in this year, perhaps?

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