Nexus 6P now available in 128 GB storage, yet to come to Indonesia

Nexus 6P, the latest Nexus mobile phone manufactured by Google-Huawei

Nexus 6P, the latest Nexus mobile phone manufactured by Google-Huawei

The best Android phones must have been Google’s Nexus lines. Directly handled by Google, the search giant has been in joint cooperation with leading vendors to manufacture Nexus mobile phone that feature many things ahead of any other Androids. Currently, it is Huawei’s turn to have the best opportunity to showcase its capability of manufacturing the best Nexus mobile phone. As a results, Nexus 6P is latest Google’s directly-handled Nexus mobile phones. Boasting the best #3 camera capability, Nexus 6P also features latest Android 6.0, Marshmallow, out of the box. When it was initially released, there were only two version of storages available for Nexus 6P: the 32 GB and 64 GB storage.

Now, in order to keep up with the latest update, Huawei has made the latest addition to its own online store. Yet the largest storage, 128 GB, has been made available for Nexus 6P. The gadget, which shares specs with its lower siblings, is priced $649 and available in two color schemes: Aluminium and Graphite. Nexus 6P with 128 GB storage is expected to get in customers by the late of next November. However, there is no official statement to confirm the arrival of any of Nexus 6P into Indonesian market. The situation will lead those impatiently waiting for this beautifully manufactured Nexus mobile phone to order it directly to Global Huawei online store with the risk of having no guarantee covering the gadget.


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