Simple review on stylish, colorful Unique+ TV-05 headphone

stylish, colorful Unique+ TV-05

stylish, colorful Unique+ TV-05

To be honest, I am not a good reviewer. I am not really attentive to detail. But for the sake of my blog to be as most popular as possible, I need to start it from scratch. So please apologize me for some imperfect words anywhere in this bit of writing.

Frankly speaking, I really don’t care about sound and voice. As long as they are clearly heard on my ears, I find no issue to deal more with them. However, things change when you are in the watch of a movie that sometimes the conservation seems to be rather mumbling. That is one reason I incurred to have one unit of something I can pop on my ears to hear clearly.

Combined with the good offer by one of the leading online store — subject to sort of clearance sale I needed to buy only for less than one hundreds thousands Rupiah at the time — the result is this stylish colorful Unique+ TV-05 headphone.

The purchase actually constituted a misunderstanding because for the very first time I have seen it, I thought it would have been like those put on pilots’ ears. Ok, its too advanced. Just imagine that I imagined it to be like headphone equipped with microphone to talk through. In fact, after the delivery arrived at my home, I have found that it simply contain a 3-mm plug jack and nothing else included.

The provoking, striking color it has also drove me to purchase it. Well, in fact such a color will make a good appearance especially during the crowded situation but I don’t expect myself to be drowning among them. Now about the serious part.

The sound quality it provides is fairly good. When I connected it to my Lumia 625, the sound heard on both pops was clearly intelligible. Of course, it is not as perfect as those high-end headphones because I have also heard that the sound rather contained. When I set the volume to the max, the sound was highly providing deaf effect I could not stand it.

Additionally, when popped for a while, Unique+ TV-05 yielded a bit of pain to my ears. So it is advicable not to put on this stuff for a prolonged time. Last words include advice that this headphone may not be used for some professional situation since it can provide maximum performance required for getting the job done. For some pleasure things, in fact, you can depend on it very much.