Valentino Rossi is presumably Honda’s Sonic 150 fanatic

Valentino Rossi battles with Marc Marquez in Sepang Malaysia 2015

Valentino Rossi battles with Marc Marquez in Sepang Malaysia 2015

You may have missed what have just been happening lately in Indonesia, but let me tell you, folks, that its is Honda’s Sonic 150 that has been around due to its most anticipated presence in the venue of Indonesian automotive.

And looking back to Sepang incident that currently involved Valentino Rossi #46 and Marc Marquez #93, I can conclude that the Urbino-born rider is one of Honda’s Sonic 150cc fanatic. How could it be possible?

First, take a lot at the video recording the incident between Italiano and the Spaniard.

Marquez tried to press Rossi from left side with his maneuvre, but Rossi didn’t seem to be very happy and thus sticked his leg out, leading to Marquez crash. While the investigation is still currently on progress, we can tell that Rossi’s act is presumably inspired by one, also in racing situation, but in Indonesia. Take a look below.

In the latter incident, rider sticking out his leg to keep away his nearby rider was on Honda’s Sonic 150, while the adjacent rider was on Jupiter MX King 150. Both incidents then showed how the competition was pretty intensified. But more important to note is that Rossi, through his sticking out incident, was perhaps inspired by Honda’s Sonic 150 rider sticking out his leg to keep away the Jupiter MX King 150 rider.


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