It’s useless to defend Marquez, Rossi’s always right. Long live Rossi!

It’s been around more than 24 hours after the incident that is tagged as #SepangClash, but the discussion doesn’t seem to find its end. Yet, prolonged conversation about who’s to blame between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez when they have collided remains hot and intensified. Each rider’s supporter bases advance their opinions in favoring of their icons and condemning the other as their icons’ opponent.

Valentino Rossi before his YZF-M1 after presumably winning South African Grand Prix in 2004, courtesy of

Valentino Rossi before his YZF-M1 after presumably winning South African Grand Prix in 2004, courtesy of

However, in considering Marquez to get defended against those words launched by Rossi fans, it’s a little bit to do so. Indeed, Marquez is a new star that begins building its own solid fan base, but it’s no way to compare that of Rossi’s. Therefore, it’s rather be like squashing water to defend Marquez when the opponent is Rossi.

The obstacle becomes harder to remove since the fury has been heightened after the megastar was handed three penalty point after the collision, leaving him to have total 4 penalty points that results in starting from the last grid in the penultimate next race in Valencia.

It is because Rossi arguably matters the most for the MotoGP. The sport has been heavily depending on the Urbino-born rider to expand its popularity beyond its regular fan base.

Rossi is the reason many spectators flood the circuit with huge anthusiasm. Rossi is also the reason many viewers have secured the television from any other programmes. And Rossi is also the reasons many companies advertise.

Unfortunately, it is Rossi solely who plays the role without the assistance of any other fellow riders. Even since Jorge Lorenzo came out as serious contender to Rossi in 2008, he failed to play the role as well as Rossi has been playing. When the wonderkid named [Marc] Marquez made a impressive appearance during his primary contention to the highest class of MotoGP in 2013, he was actually expected to replace Rossi, but then again he met the failure.

Rossi means MotoGP’s secured future. Without Rossi, the sport will be like plant having grown in the dessert without much water. Dorna as the promoter should be carefully playing its role in handling their fragile jewel when they need to impose a firm regulation.

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  1. ah yg bener, mosok motogp tanpa rossi rasanya hambar, yg hambar it klo balap motogp sbgai kelas para raja hanya balap touring aj tanpa ad overtake, adu skill, adu strategy & adu keberuntungan so motogp is motogp bukan motogp is rossi walau kenyataannya motogp is rossi centris dlm hal aturan panishment yg dikarenakan rossi is iconic motogp versi penggemar ( penggemar terbanyak )

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