Aa Gym Proves He’s Also Skillful In Another Field

fb_img_1451867119039still courtesy of ndeso94

arifdadot.com – When he was on the top of popularity, most of the country may have been aware of him very well. Now after the very personal business he decided to take on with the risk of such a popularity, many of those fans gradually left him alone. Now, however, he makes a good comeback that should make people in a jaw-dropping manner.

Aa Gym, that is how Abdullah Gymnastiar is friendly nicknamed, shows that he is not only skillful in delivering religious speech. Although remaining a good ulama that provides the light into the darkness of ignorance, Aa Gym is also good at archery and horse riding while targeting. As quoted from ndeso94, Aa Gym looks different from which he is usually known for: wearing turban on head and long shirt of gamis, also with saroong.

More pictures of Aa Gym in action can be found in ndeso94.


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