This Brand Rumoredly To Seize Chance Left By Major Brands


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Honda came in with a good solution to offer much cheaper yet remain tough in the form of CBX500. Nice alternative to BMW’s GS series, Honda CBX500 in fact doesn’t meet the entire spectrum of bikers, leaving a big gap between 500cc class and those lower it. It is true that up to 250cc of this adventure bike remains unoccupied by any brand, including those major ones.

The solution offered only includes the motocross modified to turn to more adjusted dual-purpose bike. Considering the fact that CBX500 is way beyond an average Indonesian’s pocket, unfortunately, there are no immediate substitutes.

Zongshen could fill in the gap. Presenting one of its leading products, Indonesians may be left amazed when they are provided with Zongshen’s RX-3 to choose. This 250cc dual purpose bike not only makes a good resembles of BMW’s GS series, it is very much so with two steel-made sidebags to ensure the adventure will be endless.

With good pricing, let’s say, around 40 millions, this bike could be the game changer major brands would be interested to join the blue ocean that is currently now left unoccupied.

Do you dare, Zongshen? Or perhaps, general importer; have some balls to make this bike come to Indonesia?