An Old Man Vending Street Gasoline Lets Go Those Unpaid

courtesy of ndeso94 – An old man decides to take different path in making a life. Rather than taking his sadness-inviting appearance to the street for a bunch of money by becoming a beggar like many of colleagues simply do it, this determined man think of vending gasoline by the street. As quoted from ndeso94, the old man is known as Mbah Min, residing in Penataran area of Blitar regency, East Java.

When profit from the vending is of tiny amount that is highly likely unable to support his daily life, Mbah Min still finds another difficulty. Some of the buyer he served were never willing to pay, taking advantage of his innocence by asking for spare due to not having cash. Mbah Min was gracefully in full approval and delivered the service anyway. He bases his act on the reason that he may not be destined to get the money, believing in fortune will come in another way.

It is true when many people who sympathise to him donate some stuffs for him, leaving him able to sustain hardship of life. However, some of those donations were then sold in order to afford the primary ones. Currently, Mbah Min is now looking for anyone willing to buy, among others, his pant and shirt. He also needs his house to get improved since most of its parts have been decayed and consumed by time.

Let’s say a prayer that Mbah Min remains strong and intake.