Concerns Over Delayed Report And Iterated Contents

dynamically changing situation recently has been making an alarm to us and thus we are made aware of the situation that clarification is required. Indeed, we realize there is unusually prolonged delay in report rendering and hence would like to make it clearer. Originally, our intention of creating the environment we are now living in is aimed at developing creative atmosphere that drives original ideas and genuine thought. We therefore should deny any act that leads to iterated contents and/or superficially made writings. We urge you to follow this guidance not only to foster creatively healthy circumstances but also to make our advertisers’ efforts worth every penny. We don’t tolerate any wastefulness and neither do our advertisers. We never want our advertisers to spend their money only to find their contents posted on the same, iterated and non-original writings. We urge you to reach unique visitors as best as you can without doing excessively sharing activities. We promote social media but not in the abusive manner. We are actually unwilling to take deletion act after receiving many reports over such an abuse. We are now still continuing our review in order to convince our advertisers that we are still good environment to make their contents better visible. Please help us create this environment by providing varying contents rather than those iterated ones. ‎