Suzuki GSX-R150 Officially Introduced in Limited Circumstance for Greater Malang, Malang Raya – After nation-wide introduction in IMOS 2016 and officially launched in Jakarta along with two Suzuki Ecstar riders: Andrea Iannone and Alex Rins; Suzuki takes its GSX-R150 to roadshow in order to make it more widely recognized. One of the lucky cities to have Suzuki GSX-R150 is Greater Malang.

With its public being open to latest automotive products, the city of Malang is expected to positively accept Suzuki GSX-R150. It is surely based on the facts that various features and advances specification will better Suzuki GSX-R150 than its competitors.

Building on those premises, Suzuki GSX-R150 has officially been introduced in a limited circumstance in Javanine resto and cafe with crews of Jatimotoblog. The event has been attended by officials of P.T. Suzuki Indomobil Sales including:

Aceng Ulumudin – 2W Section, Head of Sales Area Jawa Timur & Indonesia Timur
Audi Tarantini – Product Planning 2W Section Head
Deddy Priambada – Sales Area 2W Jawa Timur
M. Arfandi Nasrullah – Team MBC
Zulfikar Rafi Al Ghany – Team MBC
Feringga Ardana – Sales Area 2W Jawa Timur

During the presentation of Suzuki GSX-R150 (also a bit of Suzuki GSX-S150), bapak Audi has explained various advanced features installed on both bikes. Those features are sure to compete against its rivals that has been previously in existence. In his explanation, those advances found in Suzuki GSX-R150 (and Suzuki GSX-S150) are in fact not present in their contenders.

The limited introduction of Suzuki GSXR150 with Jatimotoblog in Javanine was ended when several fellows of Jatimotoblog were encouraged to make a trial of Suzuki GSXR150. AFter the trial, they agreed that positive impression was yielded during the ride. Suzuki GSX-R150 roadshow will have its continuity with public release in the city of Surabaya on Saturday 25 February 2017 in Surabaya Plaza. Be there!