Will Have Looked For Indonesian Translator To Translate

I’m Arif Rakhman, a translator, working on English-Indonesian language pair; nice to e-meet you.

My daily capacity is 6000 words. Surprised? I’m not. It’s because the figure is based on general topics that I believe simple diction and modest wording are making translation jobs easy to do. The number, however, will decrease rapidly when dealing with more technical and complicated ones, making me able to handle only 3000 words at most each day.

I’m familiarized with CAT tools. One of them that I have found to be very useful in assisting me in completing translation jobs is Wordfast Classic. I also make friend with Google, though. The latter helps me a lot with literally unlimited resources for deciphering unknown words, hard-to-understand paraphrasings and coined terms.

My Proz Profile will provide you with projects I have worked and completed in the past and references you can believe in to put your trust in me for getting your translation tasks done. You can check my profile here.

I have filled in my part to have introduced myself. Now it’s all up to you whether to hire me or let me go as a precious talent. Thank you for allowing your time reading this short introduction. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused.

Best regards,

Arif Rakhman

Indonesian translator to translate
(contact me saya@arifdadot.com)