Lorenzo Is The Most Successful Rider In Le Mans

French Grand Prix will be hosting the fifth series of MotoGP throughout this weekend. The series, to be held in Bugatti circuit of Le Mans has observed different winners stepping on first podium. However, it is Jorge Lorenzo that has packed the most wins. Indeed, Giacomo Agostini’s most winnings are excluded in this term, since it only counts on MotoGP format, instead of 500-cc class.

Lorenzo did it, having achieved its first win in premier class in MotoGP, in 2009 when he joined Iwata-based team Yamaha, then sponsored by autocar maker, Fiat. He won French Grand Prix held in Bugatti circuit of Le Mans after a year hired by Yamaha Factory Team. A year later, in 2010, Lorenzo maintained its grip over Bugatti circuit of Le Mans with the same team.

Lorenzo needed to wait a year after his second win when Casey Stoner intermediated his winners in 2011. After his win in the 2012 season, Lorenzo has been separated two seasons from his next win in Bugatti circuit of Le Mans, this time by two Honda Repsol riders, Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez, in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Following his 2015 win, Lorenzo has made another win in 2016 with Yamaha.

2017 season has seen significant change, both teams and riders. Lorenzo is no exception to get affected. He now joins Italian team, Ducati. The fifth series of 2017 season, still held in Bugatti circuit of Le Mans, poses a big question and big curiosity, as well. Lorenzo has been in steady dominance within a decade.

However, he did that with the most successful team in Bugatti circuit of Le Mans, riding the most comfortable machine. However, lorenzo this year has switched to Desmosedici, known for its difficulty to handle. Lorenzo has shown his frustration riding the desmosedici, with him banging his desmosedici the most prominent one early of this year.

Can Lorenzo register another win in Bugatti circuit of Le Mans this season, although he is now currently with Bologna-based Ducati whose the desmosedici is reckoned to be the hardest machine to tame?

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