A #Marketing Glimpse For You In Order To Know Us


Thank you for visiting dan opening the page you are now already landing. You are here because of one specific reason and we therefore will provide you with an enlightment of why you are here.

Who We Are

We are translator currently working with text and written documents. We handle various documents of any kind. You can simply hand over the document and ask us for translation. We will, in return, fulfill your request and work on based on your requirements.

What We Do

At the moment, we work on translating any document written in English into their Indonesian counterpart. We don’t discriminate among English variants. We work on U.S. English or U.K. English. In short, any variant of English will be accepted with glad heart.

What You Can Expect

While working on English > Indonesian language pair, we can sure deliver you may expect from us. For example, translation productivity. We can finish up to 5000 words a day for any documents thanks to our great effort and help of internet combined. We can also extend our working hours from the regular ones in order to meet your requirements.


As you have landed here and shouldn’t be away with empty hands, you are now welcome to make your first order of our service. Head over to bit.ly/translaterjemahan in order to discuss your concern even further with us on WhatsApp platform. You can also drop your order on our email we can immediately reply : saya@arifdadot.com


2 comments on “A #Marketing Glimpse For You In Order To Know Us

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