Samsung Galaxy M20 Review I haven’t Got My Hands On

Samsung has long been infamous for its overpricing setup. Popular for its Galaxy Series, Samsung has indeed flagship level smartphones having good choosen specification over its pricing. However, the same rule doesn’t apply very well in its mid and low end smartphones. They have set higher pricing, yet left buyers and consumers with less satistyfing and more disappointing specification. It’s therefore considered such a wastefulness buying those mid-to-low end smartphones because of the reason mentioned above. At least before the arrival of Samsung Galaxy M20. That simply buying the branding rather than the product itself will transform to become buying the real smartphone indeed.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Display

Here’s a list you will be convinced Samsung Galaxy M20 will change the way you think of buying a Samsung smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy M20 is aimed at competing against likes of Redmi Note 7 and Realme 2 Pro and Realme U1 as well. It’s because the segment Samsung Galaxy M20 is aimed at, like the one its competitors also aimed at, has been increasingly growing and making up a good portion of shares.

In order to convince those in the segment, which are millennials, specification must be a primary concern and should not be left last. Thanks to this newly thought credo, Samsung has decided to leave its ‘fixed’ approach in this segment that usually combined low specification with higher pricing. With Samsung Galaxy M20, the spec to price ratio has been way bigger than that.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Infinity Display

You can expect processor equalizing to Snapdragon 636 or even Snapdragon 660. It’s Exynos 7904 that powers Samsung Galaxy M20 that delivers power you can rely on. Packed in combination with either 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM, you will have a full internal storage of 32 GB or 64 GB in a Samsung Galaxy M20.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 Redmi Note 7

Now to display department. You may at first disappoint when finding out Samsung uses TFT display, not IPS instead. However, the screen does look vibrant that almost matches that of AMOLED screen. Its screen has barely a notch that resembles dew drop. Samsung calls it Infinity V display. Of course, the resolution doesn’t let you down as it boasts 409 ppi density, enabling to still enjoy multimedia while keeping your eyes still in safe condition.

It’s a complete package Samsung has to offer in order to attract young buyers to spend their first salary. While competing fiercely against Redmi and Realme and even Asus, Samsung has still advantage over its competitors. It’s its branding itself that keeps it at bay from those brands. People have been trusting Samsung since their annoying pricing scheme and feeling OK with that. Now, with their changed policy that bring upfront performance to pricing ratio, Samsung is a little bit ahead of those competitors.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 Redmi Note 7

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