An Offer From English to Indonesian Translator You’re Reading

You are seeking the service provided by a translator. You’ve been looking for an English to Indonesian translator. Now your quest is over. Looking for now is no more. You’re reading an offering from an English to Indonesian translator.

That’s right. My service is to translate your English documents into their Indonesian counterparts. I can work on various documents you have. I also serve various expertises. You can check my portfolio by opening think link on your browser:

I will work on your documents as you request at around 9 am. I will keep working on it for the next 6 hours. Then I will take a break afterwards until the sun sets in the west. I will then continue my work at 6 pm. I will get myself focused until when I’m about to go to bed around 9 pm. Your documents are of course in the right hands.

One thing for sure is yes I do observe timezone difference. I work in location where it’s 7 hours ahead of GMT (GMT+7). I can adapt to your timezone when it’s 7 hours behind the GMT (GMT-7). It’s all settled through meaningful discussion.

Throughout a typical day, I can translate up to 5000 words. During my work, I rely heavily on internet because it helps me search and research particular words, phrases and jargons. It also helps me understand the context of text I’m translating.

Now how to make contact with me? You can drop your request through my email

Type of documents we can handle and work on:

Translation samples for you to have a look at and review on:

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