iOS 13 Suffers From RAM Management Issue

Apple has been infamous for their guaranteed update delivered to iOS based iPhones. The Cupertino based even makes the 2016 released iPhone looks up to date compared to their Android counterparts.

Unfortunately, behind every good update Apple brings to their iPhones, an inherently built in issues always come along. This time iOS 13 is no exception.

Eagerly anticipated by iPhone users, of course, the iOS 13 in fact is like any other newly released software bugged. So buggy that its developers feel embarrassed.

Currently, iOS 13 is reportedly to have RAM management issue. Some users complained the iOS 13 killed background apps too aggressively. Everytime they need to switch to another application, they will reload when they foreground them previously put in background.

Some reported issues include email drafts gone, YouTube reloading. Apple is reported to have been working on the fix it requires to heal the bug.

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