At Long Last! There’s Only A Few Smartphones Sold In Indonesia

(Indonesia, among Brazil and Indonesia, is the largest market for everything. Automotive sector  finds its heaven here, selling up to millions of their products annually. The same also applies to smartphones. Here in Indonesia, the folks there, wanting to be always up to date and keeping up the trend, are never to turn down any smartphones launched or to be one.

Unfortunately, unlike several years back, Indonesia is sadly less occupied by smartphones from any kind. If we are to infer rushingly, there are actually only two smartphone brands making their existence here in Indonesia.

Those you may have been aware of, are the familiar Xiaomi and the newcomer Realme. You used to know that Asus once was in the competition, however they seemingly disappear in recent commotion. Although certain part of netizen have been expressing their displeasure regarding either ColorOS or MIUI, those pre-installed on Realme and Xiaomi phones, respectively, the reception is always good for any soon to be launched smartphone. Both brands also offer new features with new functionalities as well.

Samsung is actually join the commotion. However the Korean brand seems to reluctantly offer their products. Infamous for their flagship Galaxy series, they seldom to derive it to their low budget phones, making it less attractive to average folks whose the incomes sometimes lower than their spending.

It’s eventually a win for both Xiaomi dan Realme that come with affordable yet high specced smartphones that draws most of the people in Indonesia.