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Our Beloved Trusted English>Indonesian Translator

Arif Rakhman and TrusTrustUs have been delivering high quality translation services to clients around the world for more than a decade. We are one of the most experienced and fastest-growing translation companies around, and we have a wealth of expertise to share with you to help you make the most of your translation budget. With extensive use of translation technology, a worldwide network of over xxxx specialist translators and ISO certification, we guarantee excellent customer service, coupled with high quality translated content.

We supply translation service, allowing companies to produce and understand content in various different media. Our commitment to technology reduces the complexity and costs around multilingual content production, and the expertise, flexibility and dedication of our Account Managers will ensure excellent customer service and on-schedule delivery, regardless of the size or complexity of the project.

Why Arif Rakhman and TrusTrustUs?

Arif Rakhman and TrusTrustUs is one of the leading language translator companies with quality as its core value. We are considered the fastest professional translation service in Indonesia and also known for our transparent policies, free flowing in thoughts and flexible in executing client’s requirements.

Our-client centric approach enables us to exceed the client’s expectations. We believe in continuous evolution and hence doing continuous improvisation in technology is an indispensable part of us. Coupled with team work we give our best to exceed client satisfaction.


Arif Rakhman and TrusTrustUs ensure that all the documents submitted by the client and privacy is maintained. All the data, processes involved and information is kept secure


At the core of our translation business is a team of extremely professional linguists and translators. We have expertise in more than 140 languages, and that gives us a distinct edge over our competitors.

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Whether you have a specific project you want to discuss, need a translation quote or simply want to discuss your requirements, do not hesitate to get
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How We Handle Your English Documents Into Their Indonesian Counterparts?

You are now having your English documents in hands. You need it to be translated into Indonesian. You have been wandering around only to find the suitable Indonesian translator. Now your search comes into fruition. You have found us: your favorite Indonesian Translator.

Gaming Translator Into Indonesian Language For Indonesian Audience

You can use my email arifrakhmantranslator@gmail.com and/or arifdadotcom@gmail.com to contact me and engage me in discussion. The discussion will talk about translation order you make for your gaming application. I understand you’d like to have your gaming application get translated into Indonesian language. And by asking me to do so, you already make a good decision.

Your gaming application is among those blockbuster ones having been gaining popularity in Indonesian audience. In order to boost its reach, you are strongly encouraged to have it translated into Indonesian language. We will work on the translation work, handling and managing from raw translation all the way through its refined version that audience easily understand and enjoy very much.

We understand your gaming application contains some kind of storylines that require diligent translation. We can do it. We can be confident to handle it up to your satisfaction.

Additionally, we can also work on any other documents which the types are listed below as follow:

An Offer From English to Indonesian Translator You’re Reading

You are seeking the service provided by a translator. You’ve been looking for an English to Indonesian translator. Now your quest is over. Looking for now is no more. You’re reading an offering from an English to Indonesian translator.

That’s right. My service is to translate your English documents into their Indonesian counterparts. I can work on various documents you have. I also serve various expertises. You can check my portfolio by opening think link on your browser: bit.ly/yourprotranslator

I will work on your documents as you request at around 9 am. I will keep working on it for the next 6 hours. Then I will take a break afterwards until the sun sets in the west. I will then continue my work at 6 pm. I will get myself focused until when I’m about to go to bed around 9 pm. Your documents are of course in the right hands.

One thing for sure is yes I do observe timezone difference. I work in location where it’s 7 hours ahead of GMT (GMT+7). I can adapt to your timezone when it’s 7 hours behind the GMT (GMT-7). It’s all settled through meaningful discussion.

Throughout a typical day, I can translate up to 5000 words. During my work, I rely heavily on internet because it helps me search and research particular words, phrases and jargons. It also helps me understand the context of text I’m translating.

Now how to make contact with me? You can drop your request through my email arifdadotcom@gmail.com arifrakhmantranslator@gmail.com

Type of documents we can handle and work on:

Translation samples for you to have a look at and review on: