A #Marketing Glimpse For You In Order To Know Us


Thank you for visiting dan opening the page you are now already landing. You are here because of one specific reason and we therefore will provide you with an enlightment of why you are here.

Who We Are

We are translator currently working with text and written documents. We handle various documents of any kind. You can simply hand over the document and ask us for translation. We will, in return, fulfill your request and work on based on your requirements.

What We Do

At the moment, we work on translating any document written in English into their Indonesian counterpart. We don’t discriminate among English variants. We work on U.S. English or U.K. English. In short, any variant of English will be accepted with glad heart. Continue reading


The Translator You May Have Been Looking For

We want you to know us as service provider. For your information, service we are currently providing is translation. Curently, translation we are providing to you is written translation, instead of verbal translation. Therefore, we accept document translation, website localization, application adaptation, and any other translation requirements that involves text.

We decide to be both generalist and specialist. As generalist, we never differentiate any document to translate. However, we do specialize ourselves in order to cater specific customers. If you are looking for translator to translate general text, we can. If you are seeking translator to translate specific text, we can as well. In short, we are able to handle various documents and texts that require translation.

During working on our service, we never take it in a non-serious manner. Instead, we always strive to result in best translation we can provide to you. It includes accuracy, legibility, and context specific and related. Just trust us we will bring about the best result you can expect from us.