Thank you for visiting this page. If you are looking for a translator who will do translation work for you, then you are coming to the right place. Indeed, I’m Arif Rakhman, a native speaker of Indonesian language, providing English>Indonesian translation service. Based in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, you can expect me to deliver Indonesian translation result for any document you have.

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I believe you agree with me that quality is above all and should not be compromised for any reason. That way, I provide highest quality of translation service I offer in order to satisfy my clients. Nonetheless, my pricing with such a quality, I’m convinced, is still within your budget range that eventually we both gain advantages in our own perspectives.

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What kind of document do you have? Press release, newsletters, leaflet? Or, you want me to translate your whole website? Whatever the document you have in hand, simply hand over to me and I will translate them within the deadline we have agreed together.

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I have client served so far from Egypt to the United States. From Bulgaria to the United Kingdom. And of course I invite you to be the next that will extend the list. Please review list below for clients I have worked with and I invite you to be next to expand the list.

  1. Verbatimsolutions, Salt Lake City-based (General / Company Business)

  2. Wistron ITS, multi-city IT company (Home Appliances)

  3. Linguapros, Illinois-based (Financial, Human Resources)

  4. VIP Group Bulgaria Ltd. (Gaming)

  5. Bayantech, Giza-based (Gaming, Marketing)

  6. GlobaLexicon, multi-city translation agency (Healthcare)

  7. PoliLingua, multi-city translation agency (Marketing)

  8. Local Concept, multi-city translation agency (IT, Marketing, Aerospace)

  9. Mikko Kast, Santiago-based (Human Resource, Patent)

  10. EQHO, Singapore-based (IT, Tourism, Travel)

  11. Welocalize, Cluj-Napoca-based (E-Learning, Human Resource)

  12. FolioTS, multi-city translation agency (Insurance)


Kindly expand the list above when you are a happy customer after having hired me or used my service. Simply contact me through for further information.